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Weekly Poll: Who should win Strictly Come Dancing?

The finale of Strictly Come Dancing is edging ever nearer and for the remaining celebrities they are almost at the finish line but some of them will yet be voted out of the competition. Out of those celebrities that still remain which one would you like to be crowned winner of Strictly Come Dancing 2011?

Doctor Who Movie Poll

ATV Today‘s weekly poll is asking if you a Doctor Who movie nor not – and voting is still open. Our poll is inspired by comments made by John Barrowman who said he would do a Doctor Who movie but only if David Tennant was in the lead role.

Weekly Poll: Would you like to see a revival of Dynasty?

With Dallas heading back to screens next year – with several original cast members onboard – it was only natural that attention would turn towards its old rival Dynasty. Low and behold in recent weeks there have been press stories about a possible return for the Oil saga. So this week we’re asking; Would you like to see a revival of Dynasty?