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Stars line up to save Asian Network

A number of famous faces have called on the BBC to reconsider axing the digital radio station, Asian Network. According to Media Guardian, over 100 prominent British Asians, amongst them actresses Meera Syal and Shilpa Shetty, are calling for the station to be saved.  They have signed a letter to BBC Trust chairman Sir Michael Lyons showing their support for the station and urging the corporation to reconsider its closure. Other names

Editor Reports: BBC’s Tory Appeasement Risky Move

Since the news broke on Friday that the BBC were planning to cut back on its services the corporation has been accused of seeking appease from a future Tory Government. ATV Reports ponders on this idea with Editor Doug Lambert. The BBC has been accused of seeking to appease a future Tory Government by cutting back on services and axing jobs. The corporation will reportedly axe two national radio stations,

ATV Icons: Barry Letts

Actor, writer, director and producer Barry Letts passed away earlier this year at the age of 84. He was probably best known for his time as producer of Doctor Who in the 1970s during Jon Pertwee’s tenure as the Time-Lord. Under Lett’s production the series produced some of its most memorable stories and classic moments but Barry Letts should be remembered for more than his tenure with the popular British

Tories threat to BBC

If the Conservative Party came to power in the next election it would ‘rip up the BBC charter’ in a radical overhaul of the corporation which would threaten its future.   In an interview with the Financial Times Tory culture spokesperson Jeremy Hunt has revealed Tory plans for the BBC. Hunt revealed just how much of a threat a Tory government would be to the future of the iconic and