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Big Brother: Dexter escapes possible eviction in latest twist

Big Brother‘s Dexter Koh has escaped possible eviction this week in the show’s latest twist. The 28-year-old was nominated to face the public vote alongside Jack and Joe Glenny, Charlie Travers and Sam Evans following face-to-face nominations on Monday. However, last night Big Brother told the nominees that one of them would be leaving the house tonight with some of the show’s prize fund. The four nominees were called to the

Big Brother: Latest Nomination Results

The latest nomination results are in and four housemates face possible eviction this week. Tonight saw housemates nominate face-to-face, with viewers able to catch the action live during the final part of the highlight’s programme. Jack and Joe Glenny, Dexter Koh, Charlie Travers and Sam Evans procured the most nominations and are therefore in the firing line for the eighth eviction this Friday (August 16). Jack and Joe received the most nominations with Charlie,

Big Brother: Latest Nomination Results

A nominations twist that saw friends and family nominate on behalf of the housemates has left Hazel O’Sullivan, Dexter Koh, Sophie Lawrence, Jack and Joe Glenny and Charlie Travers facing eviction this week. Housemates were asked to gather on the sofas last night before being shown footage of their loved ones nominating in the diary room. Hazel received the most nominations with Gina’s boyfriend, Dexter’s mum, Charlie’s friend and Sophie’s grandma deciding she

Big Brother: Latest Nomination Results

Five Big Brother housemates face the public vote this week following the latest round of nominations. In the firing line are Callum Knell, Dexter Koh, Jackie Travers, and twins Jack & Joe Glenny. Lines will open for the public to vote from tomorrow, with the housemates discovering their fate on Friday. Big Brother had planned a twist for this week’s nominations involving safe house duo Daley Ojuederie and Hazel O’Sullivan,

Big Brother: Charlie spared from possible eviction, Safe house revealed

Big Brother’s Gina Rio and Dexter Koh  were reunited with the housemates from the main house this evening. The pair have been living a life in luxury in Big Brother’s secret safe house since Friday’s fake double eviction. The reunion took place shortly prior to the latest nominations twist. On Sunday housemates nominated for the fourth time under the watchful eye of safe house residents Dexter and Gina – Wolfy, Charlie, Hazel and

Big Brother issues Dexter final warning

Big Brother has issued Dexter Koh with a final warning after the 28-year old made inappropriate sexual comments. The comments occurred before Dexter was moved to the safe house in last night’s fake double eviction twist. According to the Daily Star, Dexter offended some of his fellow housemates when he raised the subject of ‘rodeo-ing’ girls. He reportedly said “This is where a guy and a girl have sex and

Gina and Dexter enter Big Brother safe house

Gina Rio and Dexter Koh have moved into the Big Brother safe house as part of tonight’s fake double eviction twist. On Wednesday it was revealed that two housemates would be leaving the house this week, however unbeknown to the housemates they would be moving into a secret room within the Big Brother compound dubbed the safe house. Viewers had the choice between voting either Dan & Wolfy or Gina & Dexter into

Fake double eviction for Big Brother

Big Brother has unveiled a twist for this week’s eviction. Two housemates will leave in a fake double eviction and move into a secret room within the Big Brother compound, called the ‘Safe house’. Currently Gina Rio (pictured above), Dexter Koh, Daniel Neal and Wolfy Millington face the public vote after receiving the most nominations from their fellow housemates in face-to-face nominations on Monday. Viewers have the choice between voting