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EastEnders Spoilers: Carol visits Sonia following cancer diagnosis

EastEnders bosses have released pictures previewing Sonia Fowler’s (Natalie Cassidy) return to the soap. In scenes to be aired next week, Carol (Lindsey Coulson) pays her daughter an unexpected visit as she comes to terms with the news she has breast cancer. Sonia is intrigued about the reason behind her mum’s visit until Carol opens up about her diagnosis. Carol insists she is coping but soon finds herself overcome with

EastEnders Carol to help David following beating

The Daily Star Sunday have revealed details on how David Wicks (Michael French) will return to EastEnders next month. David returns to Walford with girlfriend Naomi (Lisa Maxwell), and pays old flame Carol Jackson (Lindsey Coulson) a visit demanding to see his daughter Bianca (Patsy Palmer). However, he is out of luck as Bianca has gone away for a while. A few days later David is beaten and left for dead when