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The First Aussie to Crack Hollywood

These days Hollywood is full of Australian performers with numerous hopefuls making the regular pilgrimage for pilot season. After leaving their roles in Home & Away or Neighbours many of the cast members try their luck in the USA, some have achieved considerable success hoping to emulate the likes of Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchett and Barry Creyton who continues to enjoy a remarkable career as an actor, writer and director.

German Silent Classics Saved

Director Fritz Lang was dubbed ‘the master of darkness’ and now his legendary 1921 silent movie Der mude Tod (Destiny) has been digitally restored to its former glory. It will receive its premier at the 66th Berlin International Film Festival on 12 February. The plot revolves around a young couple who decide to rest at a small rural hostelry. Tragedy strikes when the man is abducted by Death and his