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Test your Kings Oak knowledge with the Crossroads Quiz Book

It ran for over 4500 episodes, became ITV’s top rating daytime programme and even beat prime time Coronation Street in the ratings. Loved by its loyal viewers – hated by critics – Crossroads was for nearly 25 years the UK’s first ‘true’ soap, now you can test your knowledge of the Midland saga.

They were in Crossroads?

25 Years ago on Easter Monday, April 4th 1988, the UK’s third most watched soap ended. For most of its life it had been the UK’s second most watched saga behind Coronation Street – an amazing feat considering it was a daytime series, and aired at different times across the country. During its run Crossroads played host to many faces who either had been big stars or went onto primetime

ATV Icon: Sue Nicholls

With Sue Nicholls currently part of another major storyline in Coronation Street, we take a look at the life and work of the actress behind Weatherfield’s Audrey Roberts.