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News in Brief: Cross Monks and Tattoos

Welcome to the first ‘proper’ edition of the Soap File for 2009. We’ve had a few unexpected specials lately, with the death of the lovely Kathy Staff and the demise of the worst producer in the history of Emmerdale, but now we’re back to normal.

Friday News File: Outdoor Activity

Now all the press were told that last Friday was Emmerdale’s 5000th episode, in fact, your TV guide was wrong, it actually aired on Tuesday. Some may say it was an attempt to boost ratings for Friday and Tuesday; however, no, I’m sure it was just another telly schedule cock up. Writes Mike Watkins as he gives his views in this Friday News File.

Friday News File: Starkers

Not a lot has happened over the past seven days, although today is the day that Emmerdale reaches its 5000th edition, although the current state its in, I’d rather watch episode one again. Mike Watkins casts his view over the latest soap news.