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S4C content launches on Youview

S4C, the Welsh-language public-service television channel, is now available on Youview. From today, all S4C content will be accessible via the service, allowing customers across the UK to catch up with S4C programmes for up to 35 days following their original broadcast. Launching S4C on the YouView platform is a significant step which will place S4C shoulder to shoulder with the UK’s other main channels. Our aim is to expand the

Dave goes live on YouView

The service, which went live today, allows viewers to access content on the channel through a Dave-branded on demand portal and through YouView’s seven day scroll back programme guide.

Channel 5 launches improved Demand 5

If you read the comments often under any of the telly companies replay services online you’ll find comments suggesting the content won’t play, or in commercial network cases, will play the adverts but not the programme. Today Channel 5 have launched an improved Demand 5 aimed to make the service usable on Windows 8.