The Big Bang Theory Hits Ratings High

CBSCBS comedy The Big Bang Theory hit a ratings high on Thursday evening as a massive 19 million viewers tuned in.

The comedy, starring Jim Parsons, hit a series high with a staggering 19.78 million viewers and a huge 6.3 18-49 rating. Needless to say The Big Bang Theory comprehensively won the 8pm time-slot and slaughtered the competition but then there wasn’t much of note up against the comedy. NBC‘s 30 Rock had 3.7 million viewers with a 1.4 rating followed by a repeat of 1600 Penn which 3.9 million viewers and a 1.4 18-49 rating. Mobbed on Fox had 3.2 million viewers with a 1.2 rating while ABC‘s Last Resort pulled in 5.8 million viewers with a 1.2 rating. The Big Bang Theory was a strong lead-in for Two and a Half Men at 8.30pm on CBS with 14.3 million viewers overall and a 4.2 18-49 rating.

At 9pm Grey’s Anatomy on ABC pulled in 9.2 million viewers with a 3.1 18-49 rating while The Office on NBC had 4.5 million viewers with a 2.2 rating followed by another repeat of 1600 Penn which was seen by 3.8 million viewers with a 1.6 18-49 rating. CBS drama Person of Interest had 15.5 million viewers with a 3.3 18-49 rating winning. A repeat of Glee on Fox had just 2 million viewers with a 0.7 rating.

Scandal on ABC at 10pm hit a high with 8.3 million viewers with a 2.8 rating giving Shonda Rhimes a second good performing drama of the evening. Sherlock Holmes drama Elementary, starring Jonny Lee Miller, on CBS was seen by 11.3 million viewers with a 2.4 rating.

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