Ben Whishaw{jcomments on}The Hour creator & writer Abi Morgan has admitted to making mistakes in the BBC Two drama series.

The drama, lazily dubbed a British Mad Men by some within the press, is set in a 1950s news-room during the height of the Suez Canal crisis and the uprisings in Hungary. It tells the story of the journalists who work on a BBC news programme, which is titled The Hour, and how they try to cover the unfolding events with the Government constantly wanting them to “toe” the “party line” so to speak. In an email to The Independent newspaper writer Abi Morgan admitted she may have made some mistakes – such as the dialogue used by the characters not fitting in with the 1950s setting.

In the email to the newspaper Morgan said she “holds hands up” to any historical errors within the script adding “But I am a dramatist, I elaborate. I imagine.” As for the phrases used by some of the characters within the drama, Morgan stated “When a line of dialogue jars and is seen as an anachronism, one holds one’s hands up…But more because it has taken the audience out of the drama, The Hour is escapism and for that moment the escapism hasn’t worked.”

The Hour launched with an impressive 3 million viewers on BBC Two but to mixed reviews. Ratings have since tailed off somewhat although the drama still performs relatively well for BBC Two if BARBS’ final ratings are used and not the often widely reported overnight figures. Morgan said last week she was planning a second season of The Hour for if the BBC decide to order one.

The Hour concludes tomorrow at 9pm on BBC Two. You can read ATV Today’s critic, Queenie, own reviews of The Hour here >>

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