24After weeks of speculation it’s been confirmed that Fox has cancelled spy/thriller series 24.


24There’s been a question mark hanging over the fate of 24 for some weeks now with its future looking decidedly bleak. Many speculated that Fox would not renew 24 for another season and now they’ve been proven right because it’s been confirmed that Fox has decided to cancel the series. So this mean that its current eight season, still airing on Fox, will be its last. There’s no news yet on whether the producers will take the drama elsewhere – NBC was touted as a possible destination for a post Fox-24 but it’s far too early to say whether or not NBC would pick it up.



When the possibility was raised a few weeks ago NBC stated it would be unlikely due to the costs involved in producing 24 but not impossible. However, with the cancellation of the television series the producers may instead decide to concentrate on the movie version which has been in development for some time now. It’s been previously stated that a movie version couldn’t feasibly go ahead while 24 was on-air so with its cancellation producers may switch their efforts instead to the movie.

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