The episode title for the season premier of Doctor Who’s seventh season has been announced.

Also revealed is the date of which the episode will be first screened. Asylum of the Daleks will be shown at the BFI Southbank,  London, on August 14th. It will also be shown at the Edinburgh International Television Festival. The title of the first episode of the forthcoming seventh season of Doctor Who was confirmed by Nicholas Pegg on Twitter. The Dalek operator wrote “The title has been officially announced, so at last we can say it aloud: it was an absolute blast shooting Asylum of the Daleks! #DoctorWho.”

It was already confirmed that the Daleks would feature in the opening episode of the seventh season. The title, Asylum of the Daleks, keeps the tradition of having the monsters names in the title of the episodes they appear in. Their name appears in the majority of the episodes with only a handful not featuring it such as Doomsday, The Chase and Bad Wolf.

The episode will feature “every Dalek” to have featured in the television series’ of Doctor Who – including Daleks from the original series. A photo with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan posing with a 1960s style Dalek was released during production of the story. Steven Moffat has also teased that the Specials Weapons Dalek from the 1987 story Remembrance of the Daleks will also feature in the episode.

The seventh season of Doctor Who is currently in production at the BBC’s new studios in Cardiff; Roath Lock. The series is expected to premier in the Autumn and the first five episodes will be the last to feature the characters of Rory (Arthur Darvill) and Amy (Karen Gillan) with the married couple leaving in the fifth episode. Jenna-Louise Coleman will make her debut as the new companion, rumoured to be named Clara, in the Christmas Special.

It was recently rumoured that the Ice Warriors and the Zygons – both creatures from the original series of Doctor Who and last seen in the 1970s – will return to battle the Doctor (Matt Smith) in the seventh season. The Daily Star claimed the Ice Warriors would be amongst the first monsters encountered by the new companion.

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