The title of Neil Gaiman’s new Doctor Who episode has reportedly been revealed.



Yesterday the official BBC Doctor Who website confirmed that Neil Gaiman would be penning a new episode of Doctor Who that would feature the return of the Cybermen.

According to some reports the title of Gaiman’s new episode has been revealed via a copy of the script left accidentally in the back of a cab! Bleeding Cool and Blastr report that the stray document reveals the title as The Last Cyberman.

The Cybermen last appeared in the 2011 episode Closing Time, which guest starred James Corden, and was the penultimate episode of season six. The episode met with mixed reaction from fans, viewers and critics alike but marked their first full appearance in the series since the 2008 Christmas Special, The Next Doctor. The Cybermen had made cameo appearances however in The Pandorica Opens (2010) and A Good Man Goes To War (2011).

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