TNT and Lifetime In Talks Over Unforgettable

CBS drama Unforgettable could be picked up by TNT or Lifetime after being cancelled by the broadcaster.

The police procedural drama was one of the casualties of CBS’s axe as the broadcaster made way for new shows such as Sherlock Holmes update Elementary and Vegas. Another high profile casualty was detective drama CSI: Miami which was axed after 10 seasons and over 200 episodes.

Unforgettable starred Poppy Montgomery and Dylan Walsh and posted pretty decent ratings averaging 12 million viewers with a 18-49 rating of 2.5. Deadline now reports that TNT and Lifetime are both in talks with producers Sony Pictures and CBS TV Studios about picking up the series. The talks are in the early stages at the moment but Unforgettable would fit perfectly on either broadcaster. TNT has a history of saving cancelled cop shows such as Southland which was axed by NBC but picked up – very successfully – by TNT.

If Unforgettable were to move to cable it would make the second show to be picked up by another broadcaster, this season, after being cancelled. Courtney Cox comedy Cougar Town is moving to TBS after ABC cancelled it. Fans of Fox sci-fi Terra Nova and The CW supernatural drama The Secret Circle are hoping other broadcasters will step in save their beloved shows. The price tag of Terra Nova makes that look unlikely but The Secret Circle is a more likely candidate but as yet there’s been no news on that front.

[Written by James Ryder]

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24 Replies to “TNT and Lifetime In Talks Over Unforgettable”

  1. Please one of yous pick up The Secret Circle it’s an amazing show they shouldn’t have canceled it. It really needs to come back!

  2. Other networks should definitely pick up The Secret Circle. It’s been doing really well here in South America. In Brazil they air it on the wednesdays. We need season 2!!!

  3. The Secret Circle will be renewed, the fans numbers and energy committed to saving the show has been incredible, I’ve not seen such enraged and dedicated fans since Jericho.

    #TSC #SaveTheSecretCircle #BringBackTheSecretCircle

  4. Cw definitely wont renew it becuse they stink they don’t even acknowledge the show or us fans.but I’m hoping TNT,or abc family will adopt it.

  5. I really hope that The Secret Circle gets saved. This was one of the reasons I still watched tv. It started out slowly but gained great momentum and always surprised me. A great writing staff and this show would take off. Please bring it back for season 2!!!

  6. Save the secrect circle season 2 will be badass and whoever does save it will have already an audience ! !

  7. Dear TNT Or Lifetime

    Please pick up The Secrect Cirlce for a Season 2.
    I’m in Australia and I love the show and am gutted that it has been cancelled.
    It is a great show and you could do so much wth it.

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