Gay kissesA new poll has revealed that Tory voters are more likely to oppose gay kisses on soaps.

A survey by YouGov was carried out and found that Tory voters are more likely to oppose gay male kisses on television. Despite their opposition to gay male kisses Tory voters are more likely to prefer lesbian kisses than other voters. The YouGuv poll asked those who took part to respond to four identical scenarios and were asked if the scenes should be shown before the watershed, after or at all.

The results of the survey reveal that out of those who voted Tory only 20% thought gay men kissing should be shown before the watershed compared to 53% for heterosexual couples kissing pre-watershed. However, slightly more Tories were okay with Lesbian kisses pre-watershed; 26% – only just higher than gay male kisses.

So how does that compare to the Tories coalition partners, the Liberal Democrats? Well 60% of Lib Dem voters were okay with gay males kissing before the watershed on TV but only 44% were okay with Immortal Suns, Torchwoodlesbian couples kissing before the watershed on television – a big gap between the two which is quite interesting.

The overall results of the YouGuv poll revealed 58% of people were okay with straight married kisses pre-watershed with 56% for unmarried straight kisses. Gay male kisses, overall, had 37% support pre-watershed with lesbian kisses only just behind, overall, on 36%. Unsurprisingly support for same-sex couples kissing declined with age.

The results of the poll come months after tabloid claims that the Government was planning to ban gay kisses on television before the watershed. The move prompted wide-spread criticism and the coalition later denied it had any such plans. It also comes after a Summer in which the BBC received complaints about gay content within EastEnders, Holby City and Torchwood: Miracle Day while critic Brian Sewell, writing in the Daily Mail, slammed Coronation Street and EastEnders for featuring too many gay characters.


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