Captain Kirk Star TrekTonight Discovery takes a look at the hugely popular Star Trek franchise.

Star Trek may have been off television since 2005 (well no new episodes since 2005 but plenty of repeats) but as a franchise it hasn’t died. Later this year a new Star Trek film will be released in cinemas; its a sequel to J.J Abram’s 2009 film which successfully rebooted the film franchise following the Box Office disappointment of Nemesis.

Considering the original series was cancelled in 1969, due to low ratings, after just three seasons Star Trek has done pretty well since. The franchise has produced several television spin-offs (The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise and the often forgotten animated series) as well as numerous films and merchandise.

Star Trek was created by Gene Roddenberry and tonight Discovery takes a look at how the space series came about and how Roddenberry’s vision created a franchise which is still vibrant today nearly 50 years later.

Star Trek: The True Story, 9pm on Discovery. (Virgin channel 212, Sky channel 520)

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