ATVFind out what happens in next week’s episodes of Dexter, 24 and Battlestar Galactica.



24 [Week Five] Sky One, Monday 26th  January. 9pm.


24The threat of terrorism escalates and the fate of the country that has so often betrayed Jack Bauer rests on his shoulders. Can he avert an imminent crisis? Meanwhile, the volatile nature of the investigation is taking its toll on a struggling Agent Walker, and FBI honcho Larry Moss is forced to keep his team on a tighter leash. Back at the White House, the international stakes are raised, and the First Gentleman proceeds with his personal mission to find out what exactly happened to his son.


Battlestar Galactica [Week Five]: A Disquiet Follows My Soul Sky One, Tuesday 27th January. 9pm


The fourth and final series of the Emmy®-award winning drama continues in stunning form. After BSGlanding on Earth and finding nothing more than an obliterated nuclear wasteland, the fleet are preparing to begin their search for a habitable planet to call home. But with the fleet in need of Cylon technology, the toasters are demanding an alliance with the Humans. Disharmony ensues as the coalition refuse to accept the Cylons as members of the fleet and an unlikely rebel partnership is formed. Meanwhile, President Roslin is suffering a loss a faith following the shattering discoveries on Earth and Gaius Baltar’s gathering descends into a riot.

Dexter [Week Five] Episode Four: ITV1, Thursday 28th January. 10.35pm


DexterWhile pretending to be a drug addict, Dexter gets an NA sponsor to please Rita. But when the sponsor turns out to be a beautiful woman who may have more in common with Dexter, Rita is not happy. Things get worse for Rita when her estranged mother comes for a visit. Meanwhile, Dexter must find a way to lead the all-too-smart FBI Agent Lundy, now working with Miami Metro PD, off his trail.



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