Vampire Diaries: Did Elena Choose The Right Salvatore Brother?

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On Tuesday evening here in the UK the third season of The Vampire Diaries drew to a close with The Departed; the episode in which Elena (Nina Dobrev) seemingly made her choice out of the Salvatore brothers. But did she make the right decision?

The love triangle between Elena, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Stefan (Paul Wesley) has arguably been part of The Vampire Diaries from its pilot but it really came to the forefront this season. With Stefan AWOL with Klaus (Joseph Morgan) at the start of the season Elena and Damon became even closer…until Stefan returned to Mystic Falls.

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Elena’s feelings for Stefan were always bubbling away under the surface even if she had feelings for Damon. Elena’s vampire doppelganger Katherine (Nina Dobrev) was also tangled up in a love triangle with the Salvatore brothers in the 1860s though she abandoned them both to save her own skin and faked her death in the process.

In The Departed Elena realised she could no longer string both Damon and Stefan along and finally picked which Salvatore brother she wanted; but did she pick the right one?

Post your comments below….are you team Stefan or team Damon?

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16 Replies to “Vampire Diaries: Did Elena Choose The Right Salvatore Brother?”

  1. I think she did make the right choice. And Nina Dobrev say’s she understands and why Elena chose Stefan and not Damon because Elena will never stop loving Stefan?


  2. Delena definitely. But even though she chose Stefan this time around, this season finale practically proved is that Delena will be endgame, so I’m not going to complain 🙂

  3. I agree with Sarah. Damon is better for her. Its a more adult love then she has with Stefan. I can’t wait for Season 4 now.

  4. I think it was the wrong decision, but as Damon has pointed out more than once, Elena makes bad decisions. It seems to me that the TVD writers have been building to a Delena endgame since the beginning of the series. There are so many meaningful scenes between Damon and Elena. Stelena moments are sweet but they just don’t have what the Delena moments have. I think that Elena chooses Stefan because it is a safe way to keep them both close.

  5. I most definitely think she made the right decision. She will no matter what always love Stefan, no matter what her feelings are for Damon, it will always be Stefan and from a fans point of view I couldn’t be more happier. Elena <3 Stefan forever.

  6. She made the wrong desicion. Damon was the right Salvatore borther for her. The delena moments are way more significate than the stelena. I dont understan way the show didnt give Delena a chance. Stelena already have it.

  7. Well i would probably choose Damon because he’s always there to protect Elena no matter what happen…and his love for Elena is unconditional he is not selfish…he just wanted Elena to be happy.

  8. Elena made her choice but she choose the wrong Salvatore, she just chose Stefan to feel not guilty, she only depended that Stefan was she first met when the time she lost her parents and feel alone and no hope in life…However Damon and Elena has this strong attraction with each other , and Elena keep fighting and denying to herself that she doesn’t love Damon but she does…..and now that Elena is transitioning to a Vampire in season 4..all compulsion will wears off, and she will remember Damon was she first met long before Stefan….

    If in season 3 finale Elena chooses Damon, then end of the story…just realize the story is just going around with Elena and Damon…they just need sometime of struggles ,pain,hurt ,sacrifices to realize and prove that they’re meant to be..even in the dark side of Elena.

  9. The Damon-Elena love story is the most rewarding television experience for a decade. Elena knows that it is all about Damon but she is young and his impulsiveness scares her, however, once she accepts that Damon is her all- consuming love it will save Damon and bring the best out in her.

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