Vampire Diaries: ‘Powerful, Surprising’ Death In Season Premier

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The fourth season premier of The Vampire Diaries will feature a ‘powerful, surprising’ death.


The third series of The Vampire Diaries ended with an almighty twist as Elena (Nina Dobrev) seemingly died in a car accident caused by Rebekah (Claire Holt) but woke up thanks to vampire blood given to her by Meredith (Torrey DeVitto) – leaving viewers wondering how Elena will adjust to life as a vampire.

Vampire Diaries Julie Plec has given a few hints about the fourth season and its premier. Plec told Entertainment Weekly that witch Bonnie (Kat Graham) will desperately try to stop Elena’s transition into a vampire and that will form part of her arc for the new series. Meanwhile Plec also teased that the fourth season premier will see another resident of Mystic Falls die.

“When Alaric Saltzman told the council that the town was filled with vampires, [he] told a lot of details about a lot of people that in the first episode back we’ll see have created a little bit of a domino effect,” Plec explained adding there would be a “powerful, surprising death sequence” in the premier!

Speculation will no doubt be rife as to whom the victim will be and whether it will be a regular character or a recurring character such as Sheriff Forbes (Marguerite MacIntyre) or Mayor Carol Lockwood (Susan Walters). Previous details regarding the fourth season of The Vampire Diaries to be revealed include confirmation the character of Meredith will continue to appear and Rebekah along with fellow original vampires Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic) will return.

The fourth season of The Vampire Diaries premiers on The CW on October 11th.

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