During the live broadcast of the two-minute silence in respect of Britain’s war dead viewers were left annoyed by shots of Colchester soldiers happily chatting throughout.

On the 11th hour of the 11th month of the 11th day, the nation traditionally falls silent to remember those who have died in battles protecting this country, and while streets, shopping malls and homes offered those two minutes of respect, it seems some who should have been leading by example couldn’t be bothered to honour their colleagues.

Facebook regulars watching the live broadcast noted the incident with comments such as “I was rather cross to see soldiers in Colchester, on ITV’s live broadcast, chatting throughout the silence” said one while another added lets hope they get punished” and “Just shows that some people, who should know better, have no respect. What an example to set.” said another.

ITN edited the footage to exclude the segment showing the cheery banter during the silence when it was replayed in the ITV Lunchtime News broadcast at 1.30pm

UPDATE: We have been told by a member of the armed forces that the Colchester silence was delayed due to relatives of a deceased soldier asking for the proceedings to be held back until they arrived. Rather than proceed to hold the silence twice someone felt it was advisable to carry on and mess about while the nation was silent on 11/11/11, which is the entire point not ‘sometime later when we can manage it’.

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