Weekend Report: Eurovision, Antarctica and I’m A Celeb


Terry WoganThe Weekend Report returns for a new season of reports and reviews on the bigger, and even lesser, stories of the past week. This week we cover the departure of Terry Wogan from Eurovision, alarmist weather reports and I’m A Celebrity – Get Me Out Of Here!



Terry Wogan Quits Eurovision

Terry WoganAfter 35 years, Sir Tel is to hang up the commentating role on Eurovision – and for many it will never be the same again. The sly digs, quips and digs on the songs have kept millions of Eurovision fans entertained but Terry has decided to quit, mainly down the eastern voting block which some feel is to blame why the UK never do well.

Could that be true? Surely if we had a brilliant song then we would win? Well in my opinion we have had a few good songs over the years, but have failed to pick up many votes. Graham Norton will pick up the commentating role for 2009, and it will be interesting to see how he does. I have a feeling that the diehard Tel fans will just totally denounce what Graham does as a cheap imitation, but we shall wait and see.

Cover My Back

As we are now in winter, we are now in the grips of the cold and snow in some places. But watching the weather reports over the past few weeks you would think that the UK was going to become Antarctica. Yes we did have some snow here and there, but I can’t help but feel the warnings were over the top.

A Swash With Love

I'm A Celeb logoFormer EastEnders actor Joe Swash won I’m A Celebrity on Friday night and a deserving winner to. He seems like a decent, friendly chap who stuck up for those who he felt were being given a bad time. David Van Day for me was a good villain which kept the viewers entertained as he sparred with Nicola McLean. For me this has been the best I’m A Celebrity series for a while. A good combination of guests and Ant & Dec have helped it succeed once more.




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