ATV Today asks which cancelled/axed show from America would you save given the chance?

The Secret Circle – The CW (Starring Gale Harold, Thomas Dekker and Britt Robertson)

ATV Today has extensively covered the back-lash against The CW over its decision to axe The Secret Circle. Fans of the supernatural witch based drama are up in arms and have launched a campaign to save the series – a campaign that given the passion of fans could just work. The CW’s decision to axe The Secret Circle certainly came as a surprise as it was a given for renewal throughout most of its first season and the pairing up of it with The Vampire Diaries, on Thursday evenings, made perfect sense. After all both dramas are based on novels written by L.J Smith, adapted for television by Kevin Williamson and revolve around the supernatural.

Terra Nova – Fox (Starring Shelley Conn, Jason O’Mara and Stephen Lang)

Arguably the most ambitious drama of recent years with a price tag to make eyes water – reportedly Terra Nova cost $4 million per episode! The drama revolved around colonists from the near future who escape a polluted a dying Earth by travelling back millions of years in time to the Cretaceous period when dinosaurs still ruled the Earth. While its ratings were not massive they were still good enough to justify a renewal – especially as it attracted a large family audience – but in the end Terra Nova was killed by its expensive premise. There was talk of moving it elsewhere but given its so expensive to film its unlikely to be picked up by anyone else.

Alcatraz – Fox (Starring Jorge Garcia, Sam Neil and Sarah Jones)

J.J Abrams shows generate a lot of buzz – not just within the media but also with fans of the producer – and also come with high expectations. Alcatraz was, in many ways, a show loaded with expectations that failed to deliver. Ratings dropped week-on-week and the series just didn’t capture the audiences imagination or even the critics. While Fringe quickly became a cult favourite with a devoted, loyal fan-base and was able to generate buzz, Alcatraz just fizzled out. While it’s ratings could have justified a second season there was little chance Fox would have two struggling J.J Abrams shows on its network and predicted, wisely, that Fringe was a wiser choice to go with.

Pan Am – ABC (Starring Christina Ricci, Michael Mosley and Margot Robbie)

The 1960s air-line drama which, to be honest, would have been more comfortable on a cable broadcaster. The fact that Pan Am was widely touted as ABC’s answer to Mad Men only strengthens the argument. Much like The Playboy Club on NBC the drama series was misplaced on a broadcast network given its period setting and premise. Pan Am could have been a big hit for a cable broadcaster – it had all the right ingredients – but on ABC it was a flop. There is some talk about a cable broadcaster picking up the series but for now that’s all it is – talk.

Ringer – The CW (Starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ioan Gruffudd and Nestor Carbonell)

Where did it all go wrong for Ringer? The drama started off so well for The CW and the performance of its first few episodes seemed to guarantee the series a renewal. But then something went wrong, viewers began to turn off and for the latter part of its season Ringer was a dead-cert for cancellation. The drama was Sarah Michelle Gellar’s first leading role in a television series since Buffy the Vampire Slayer and there was certainly a lot of interest in it. The interest quickly waned though and the demise of Ringer surprised few.

Harry’s Law NBC (Kathy Bates, Nate Corddry and Brittany Snow)

Ah poor Harry’s Law. The legal drama was sadly dispatched by NBC despite having pretty decent ratings. If the future of the drama was decided on total numbers alone then Harry’s Law would have been renewed. Alas its fate was instead decided on its 18-49 rating which was pretty low and so the drama was cancelled. Advertisers are obsessed wit the 18-49 age group overlooking older viewers shamefully.

You can also vote for CBS’s long-running detective drama CSI: Miami and ABC’s soapy drama GCB (Good Christian Bitches). If your preferred choice isn’t on our poll simply post the show’s name below!

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