Ofcom has cleared The X-Factor after 4000 viewers complained to the media watchdog over comments made by Judge Danni Minogue regarding contestant Danyl Johnson’s sexuality.



The X-Factor has been cleared in an Ofcom investigation regarding Danni Minogue’s comments to contestant Danyl Johnson. Danni Minogue challenged Johnson over why he felt the need to change the lyrics of a song, from male to female, and referred to his interviews in the press where he claimed to be bisexual. Mingoue later apologised for her comments and stated she did not mean to offend anyone or come across as homophobic. However, 4000 viewers complained to the media watchdog Ofcom over the judges’ comments.

Ofcom have now ruled that her comments were not homophobic and in-line with the kind of comments expected from the judges especially as information about Johnson’s sexuality was already in the public domain. Johnson had previously told The News of the World he was bisexual and had dated men. The interview with Johnson appeared in the Sunday tabloid shortly after the latest series of The X-Factor began.


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