The mother of X Factor contestant Katie Waissel has spoken of her fear that her daughter will be treated the way Danyl was last year.






Speaking to The Sun newspaper, her mother Diana has spoken out against the criticism given to her daughter. “There seems to be this thing that Katie has got someone else’s place. I don’t know why everyone is blaming her. It happened last year in a way to Danyl and he was a good singer and he was a nice guy and he was pushed out.”

Her mother then went on to explain why Katie had broken down singing ‘Smile’. “Katie cried during Smile in the audition with Cheryl because that was the song she used to sing with her grandpa who is dead. Now I just want to ask the British public to get behind her and give her a chance.”


Katie was saved by the judges in the first live elimination show on Sunday after being in the bottom three.


The X Factor continues this weekend on ITV 1.


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