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Mob Doctor comes to Sky Living

Dr Grace Devlin, played by Dexter star Jordana Spiro, may looksqueaky-clean, but when the white coat comes off, so do her scruples in the pilot episode of Mob Doctor which airs tonight on Sky Living.

Nominations reaction continues in Big Brother house

Nominations have remained a hot topic in the Big Brother house with both Sallie and Dexter blaming alcohol for their emotional outbursts upon being nominated by Michael. However, when Sallie later pays a visit to the diary room it’s clear she still feels resentment towards Michael. She told Big Brother: “He comes into this show and wrecks my clothes. Personally I’d like to get a pair of scissors while he

Marcus Dilemma, Dexter Fury, Debbie Revenge

Coronation Street Marcus is faced with a dilemma when an old friend invites him and Sean to his wedding reception.  Marcus chooses to keep the invite a secret from Maria and admits to Sean that he’s embarrassed about what his gay friends will think of their relationship. However, Maria soon discovers the truth and questions Marcus about the invite. Later, Marcus and Maria attend Ben and Andy’s wedding reception but