F*ck Insulate Britain sweatshirt and T-shirt on sale to combat ‘disgusting’ protesters

The group of ‘middle-class hippies’ had been causing motorway mayhem for working-class heroes – from Ambulance drivers to truckers – for the past few weeks, becoming a national annoyance to…

One in five hospitality staff claim bosses keep all tips for themselves

A report reveals hospitality workers left with losses of up to £7,000 a year or £140 a week.

Children think holidays in the UK are just as – or more – fun as going abroad, research suggests

A survey of a selection of UK boys and girls aged six to 16 revealed three quarters (73 per cent) think it is important to see as many of the…

Boxtox or Facial Treatments which wins the anti-ageing battle?

The rise in Botox and injectable treatments on the market for skin aging prevention is at an all time high.

World Menopause Day 2021

In 2019 Channel 4 launched the UK media industry’s first dedicated Menopause policy. In 2021 there has been a lot more television coverage on how things in workplaces need to…

Fun, fiendish and totally frightening Halloween crafts for kids

UK craft supplier, LoveCrafts, offers how-to’s, patterns and kits to make any spooky idea come to life…

Lorraine Kelly discusses her miscarriage

The TV-am and GMTV personality opened up about her experience on ITV earlier.

Taking on Mental Health with CBD at Sky Wellness

Today, Sunday, October 10, is World Mental Health Day, an international day of awareness for global mental health education and advocacy against social stigma.

Erotic Emporium for those with cancer and recovering launched

Two pioneering artists and former cancer patients have formed a partnership with Sh! Women’s’ Erotic Emporium to launch the UK’s first online sex shop, designed by and for people living…

Red hair is the most popular hair colour this autumn according to Google

Red hair is the hair colour of the moment, with the look being searched 67,200 times in the last month on Google UK.