The latest goings on in Coronation Street.

A desperate Gary calls Peter, demanding his cash else he’ll report Carla to the police. Peter gives Gary £9,000, explaining it’s all he could get for the boat. Handing the cash over to Rick, Gary is hopeful that he’s off the hook, but Rick tells Gary that from now on, he works for him.

Meanwhile, Daniel and Sinead throw a welcome home party for Bertie. Beth and Claudia clash at the shindig and when Claudia’s gift of a baby monitor picks up Beth slagging her off, Ken leaps to Claudia’s defence. However by insisting that they’re nothing more than friends he also offends Claudia. Will a heart to heart in the Rovers see them admit there’s more to their friendship?

Elsewhere, feeling unwell, Tim reaches for the indigestion tablets. Gina calls in at the cab office and is so shocked at the state of him, she drops plans to leave the street imminently. Back home, Tim tries to ignore the pains in his chest and arms, but Gina calls round and shares her concerns with Sally who phones for an ambulance.

Also, Daniel and Sinead plan a christening for Bertie; Carla arrives back to face the music; Toyah reassures Imran about their relationship; and Michelle is furious when Robert tells her he’s staying at the Bistro and has hired Chloe, an ex-offender, to replace Ryan.

Coronation Street, Sunday at 8pm on ITV, STV and UTV.

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