Television Centre’s Reverend Chris Lee on being a ‘hot priest’

Rev. Chris Lee spoke to ITV earlier today about his ‘hot’ status.

“I was kind of on this middle class conveyor belt with my life planned ahead of me and I was really struggling and searching for who I was and what I was meant to do with my life. At the time, I had a job in property… and I decided, ‘This isn’t where I wanted to go, this isn’t what I wanted to do’. So I basically ejected from that life…” – Chris Lee

Reverend Chris Lee, who has more Instagram followers than the Archbishop of Canterbury, and has been coined the real life ‘Hot Priest’ for his resemblance to the priest in hit TV show Fleabag, joined hosts Phil and Holly on today’s This Morning for one of his popular 60 second sermons.

“I moved out to Tanzania and I started work as a missionary out there. And it was whilst I was there on this small mission compound, in the middle of the bush, that I found my calling and I decided to train as a priest. Then eventually I got ordained as a deacon… it was kind of a crazy journey.” – Chris Lee

Chris is the local vicar to the Television Centre studios where This Morning is filmed. On what led him to begin posting online, Chris admitted: “My brother and his friend started a YouTube channel and they asked me to come on in my collar. Maybe try some food, make some comments on stuff. The YouTube world is kind of crazy and fun so I thought, ‘Yeah, I’ll do it.’ I became a popular guest for them, people were asking for me to come back.

“In one of the episodes I did I prayed and lots of people were really moved by that. And then my Instagram started to fill up. And then I realised that I had this amazing opportunity to speak life and light into sometimes what is seen as a bit of a superficial world of social media, which can be a little bit all about me, me, me. I was trying to tell people that they’re loved and they’re beautiful and inject the space with real positivity.”

Chris went on to explain: “I started this thing called 60 Seconds Sermons, just a little thought… where I give a light message and try to encourage people. Basically to tell them that they are of great value and they are loved and that there is hope for them. And that really took off.”

And on if he has found recently that peoples’ faith has been shaken, Chris said: “I think it’s almost the opposite. People are hungry and looking for an anchoring. And I’ve found that a lot of people at this time are embracing faith or embracing a spirituality that maybe they haven’t before.”

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