Pick of the Plots: Tuesday 4th August

SoapWeek: EastEnders

When Max and Tanya Branning arrived in the Square in 2006, their marriage was on shaky ground. Tanya was tiring of Max’s womanising ways but he had managed to sell the idea of a fresh start in Walford to her. However, it wasn’t long before Max was up to his old tricks and his choice of paramour could not have been worse. Stacey Slater had been in a relationship with his son Bradley and very much remained an object of Bradley’s affections.

When Max’s refusal to commit saw their affair end, Stacey decided to make a proper go of things with Bradley. Max inopportunely chose the morning of Bradley and Stacey’s wedding to get the fact he still had feelings for Stacey off his chest, kissing the bride. The pair were unaware that Max’s daughter Lauren, who had been tasked with filming the wedding, had hidden a camcorder in the room.

Discovering the incriminating footage, Lauren decided to teach her philanderer father a lesson by putting the DVD under the Christmas tree. She later had a change of heart but was powerless to stop it being played in front of the whole family on Christmas Day.

Tonight’s iconic episode relives that toe-curling moment from 25th December 2007 that was watched by more than 13 million viewers.

EastEnders, Tuesday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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