This week in River City Lenny is suspicious and in Pobol y Cwm Dani’s in denial

Your Pick of the Plots for the S4C and BBC Scotland soap operas this coming week.

After pulling a gun behind Lenny, Paul’s actions are thwarted when Rory recognises his ex-boyfriend. Paul manages to cover the reasons he’s in town, persuading Rory to spend time together at the Murdoch’s flat. It becomes clear their relationship ended abruptly and Paul is still smarting from the split. When Lenny arrives, Paul is equally antagonistic towards him, angering Rory.

Immediately suspicious, Lenny asks Alex to suss Paul out, and it looks as though their unease is not unfounded. When Paul takes a call from a mystery person the real reason for his arrival becomes clear.

Elsewhere, it falls to Maggie to tell a worried Ruby what’s going on with her mum: Caitlin has suspected coronavirus. Ruby’s initial shock and fear turn to anger when she discovers Caitlin put the family at risk by breaking lockdown restrictions. Ruby is further riled when Poppy calls to talk to Maggie about Caitlin’s upcoming trial for Joe’s murder.

Realising the relationship between mother and daughter is fracturing again, Maggie acts as peacemaker – but it comes at a personal cost for her.

Poppy is sickened when her stalker sends more sinister messages. Petrified she confides in Eve, who offers a sympathetic ear.
Elsewhere, Bob is touched by a supportive gesture from Kim and questions whether it’s a sign of a possible reconciliation.

River City, Monday at 10 pm on BBC Scotland Channel (repeated Tuesday at 8pm on BBC One Scotland)

A snitch tells Dani of Garry and Jaclyn’s affair and their plan to elope, but Dani’s in denial as she refuses to accept it. As Garry makes preparations to leave, he puts Britt in charge of all his businesses.

The time comes for Garry to face up to the consequences of his actions as Dani confronts him about his affair. Eifion finds himself homeless as Eileen kicks him out of Penrhewl.

Pobol y Cwm, Tuesday & Friday at 8 pm on S4C

Aled is becoming more and more frustrated about the situation with Carys and Barry and decides that it is time for him to act.

Kylie is keen to spend more time at the Iard, but is disappointed at the end.

Now that Aled has seen for himself what kind of man Barry is, he decides to use the evidence to his own advantage.

As Rhys looks forward to his date, Dani and the girls at the salon are extremely supportive of his quest to find love.

As Mark’s behaviour becomes increasingly strange, he manages to create bad feeling between Sian and John.

Rownd a Rownd, Tuesday and Thursday at 8.25 pm on S4C

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