Showbiz 10: Nipples, Toenails and Veneers

Your weekend Showbiz 10 includes toenails, tits and tiffs.


EastEnders actor Danny Dyer apparently has horrified daughter Dani with a graphic sex confession. The geezer behind Mick Carter in the cockney based saga told listeners to a podcast how he thinks of his “nan’s toenails” if he wants to delay a sexual climax.

Dyer and Dyer spoke about these sex tips during the first edition of their podcast, Sorted with the Dyers. Now, what will Angela Rippon think? She’s probably checking her toenails…


This week it was the big news that The Sun thought we all urgently needed to know, about Amanda Holden’s knockers.

The tabloid reported that the Britain’s Got Talent judge covered her nipples in make-up so they wouldn’t show through her sheer frocks and gowns on the ITV show. Holden spoke about how she used the technique following complaints about her ‘see-thru’ clothing on the primetime family show.

“I am seriously thinking my girls (boobs) need separate representation to me because they are known on their own. They don’t need me, they’re going to go off and do Piers Morgan’s Life Stories on their own next year!” – Holden quoted by The Sun

Times have changed, there was a whole period in the ’70s when people tuned into children’s show Tiswas just to get a good look at gunk-covered Sally James and her tits.


Jimmy Carr spoke this week about how he’s become a fan of cosmetic surgery. The sour-faced comedian noted he had ‘veneers, a hair transplant as well as a bit of Botox here and there, nothing too alarming.’

Speaking to Just for Laughs he added, ‘I’ve had a lot of work done. I got my teeth knocked out and put back in. ‘And then I had a hair transplant in the lockdown, which I didn’t particularly need, but what else are you going to do in lockdown?’

Amazing to have all that work done and nothing is improved upon…


Phillip Schofield is on a bit of a publicity trail at the moment, he’s flogging his life story in print. The former Children’s BBC personality who went on, via Going Live!, to dominate primetime ITV with shows such as Talking Telephone Numbers, The Cube and Mr & Mrs said that coming out in January this year was ‘the toughest time ever’

“When you’re going through something like that, and you’re trying to pick your way through, and I say in there it’s not in my nature to hurt people, it’s not the way I’m built, so I was trying to find my way through.

“I talk about the loops that go round in your head – you have to do this, you can’t do this, because if you do this look at the consequences, but you have to, and you’re getting sicker and sicker by worrying about it – it went round and round and round and round.”

Speaking on Lorraine Kelly’s ITV show (Weekdays from 9 am) he also noted ‘Then I couldn’t eat, then I couldn’t sleep.’ It’s almost like he was being forced into having to speak out about it, how odd…


Sticking with the silver fox, it seems ‘a row’ caused Fern Britton to depart This Morning eleven years ago – not as the press reported at the time because of her discovering Phillip Scofield was paid more than her for doing the same job.

In his autobiography, The Schofe notes the on-screen pair had a disagreement after she accused him of meddling in the editorial content of the programme.

“I walked back into the makeup room and calmly said, ‘Please don’t do that to me again. I think, for whatever reason, that was the point Fern decided she didn’t want to do This Morning any more.”


This week the Queen was accused of ‘letting Britain down’ by not wearing a face mask during her first royal engagement since the Covid-19 pandemic hit.

Critics suggested it would have been a great way to set an example, after all, who other than the head of the county could give such an endorsement to something by just ‘doing it’? No one, after all, is taking a blind bit of notice of Boris Johnson after his Dominic Cumminings calamity concerning lockdown, castles and driving for an eyesight test.

The Palace said Elizabeth II didn’t wear one after discussions with her medical advisors.


Former Doctor Who lead David Tennant has spoken about his reservations of getting married to a co-star from the show because of the on-screen plot.

David met his wife Georgia on the production when she featured in the episode ‘The Doctor’s Daughter’ – in which she played the timelord’s daughter.

Her character was born from the 10th Doctor’s DNA, that had been stolen. To add to the mix of Whovian’s interest in the couple Georgia is the real daughter of former Doctor Who lead Peter Davison who was the 5th doctor in the original run.

Speaking to Gaby Roslin on her podcast he told her how he had ‘reservations’ about them being a real-life couple due to the storyline. However, love conquered all and they will celebrate a decade of marriage next year.


Shirley Ballas and Craig Revel Horwood have been busy while Strictly was off-air working on a DVD for the Beeb.

In Strictly Come Dancing: Shirley & Craig’s Perfect 10s, the compilation special takes a look at the dances that have received the highest scores from the judges across the years while Craig and Shirley looking back at those highlights with wit and nostalgia.

The DVD goes on sale next month.


Katie Price is possibly about to make a dishonest man of latest boyfriend Carl Woods after the pair were spotted by tabloid snappers – not in any way tipped off of course – out shopping in a jewellery shop.

The snaps of the pair browsing the store has lead to the papers suggesting an engagement is on the cards as he lavished £10k on a ring.

How lovely, but surely it would have been quicker, and cheaper after all Katie’s skint you know – to just recycle one of the many other engagement rings she must have in her bedside drawer?


We have since our last Showbiz 10 said farewell to American actress Rhonda Fleming. The 97-year-old appeared in a number of big screen movies across the 1940s and 50s.

It has also been goodbye to AC/DC bassist Paul Matters who had a brief run with the band in the mid-1970s. We also lost stateside actor Anthony Chisholm who passed away aged 77.

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