Showbiz 10: ‘Her backside breaks wind so much it could be hired by BBC Philharmonic’

Weekend showbiz round-up for November 1st.

Time to reflect

Laura Whitmore has spoken about how lockdown helped her have time to properly grieve for telly pal Caroline Flack following her suicide earlier this year.

“I feel it’s OK to grieve privately if you choose to. I found it really difficult because it was so public, that’s why lockdown was really great if I’m honest because I had that privacy and I had that time.”

Speaking to the Women’s Health Going for Goal podcast Laura added she didn’t have time to fully deal with her friends passing when it first happened as she was hosting ITV2’s Love Island.

On the Ball

Tributes have continued to pour in from the world of showbiz following the death of entertainer Bobby Ball.

Family members have also been reflecting on the life of the funny man with his sons Darren and Rob Harper recalling how the comedian was upbeat and ‘laughing’ around with nurses in his final days in hospital.

Comedy partner Tommy Canon also recalled his late professional partner on This Morning.

‘It’s an awful time,’ …‘I can’t make any sense of it yet, I’ll miss him terribly. I love him to bits. ‘We had a great career, great memories to look back on.’

Bun’s out the Oven

Great British Bake Off host Noel Fielding has become a father for the second time.

Taking to social media Noel and his partner Lliana Bird confirmed the name of their new-born.

“Noel is pink, Dali is orange, I’m grey and Iggy is red”

Gravely Inapt

Singer and telly star Cilla Black and comedian and singer Ken Dodd this week were victims of disgusting attacks.

Both Liverpool icons had their gravestones defaced by morons in an overnight act of vandalism. Cilla’s headstone was cleaned up on-site, but Ken’s was so badly defaced it has been removed for intensive cleaning and repairs.

United through tragedy and joy

Morning Live host Kym Marsh spoke this week about how former Coronation Street co-star Alison King had been left feeling guilty following giving birth on the same day Kym lost her son.

The pair eventually bonded over the contrasting experiences Kym told Morning Live viewers.

“My friend Alison King, a really good friend of mine who plays Carla Connor in Coronation Street, she gave birth to her daughter on the very same day that I lost my son – literally hours apart. And the immense guilt that she felt at the fact that she’d delivered her baby so safely and I’d lost my son, was such a hard time for both of us.”

Two Pints of Lager and a cold shoulder

Former Hollyoaks regular Will Mellor discussed the lack of communication between himself and his Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps co-star Sheridan Smith. Will noted to a tabloid that its been four years since the pair had a chat because she won’t answer his calls.

Quoted by The Daily Star, the actor said the Cilla actress was invited to his 40th birthday party but the darling of the drama departments never returned his calls.

“I haven’t spoken to Sheridan for four years – I have tried to message and call her but nothing… I had a 40th birthday party that she was invited to, but we haven’t spoken.”

Goodbye Mr Bond

Sir Sean Connery died aged 90. The actor best known for his seven-film role as 007 spy James Bond died peacefully in his sleep overnight Friday into Saturday while in the Bahamas, having been unwell with Alzheimer’s for some time. (Pictured below Sean in ATV drama McNeil from February 1969).

This week we also said farewell to footballing legend Nobby Stiles who passed away aged 78. The ex-Manchester United midfielder passed away following a long illness, however, is part of British culture forever thanks to his involvement in the 1966 England World Cup win.

The Price of rumours

The amount of stories about parts of Katie Price’s various ailments these past few weeks is enough to keep Channel 4 in Embarrassing Body specials for six months at least.

We’ve had the tragedy of the teeth, the torture of the broken ankles, the tears over the balding scalp and most recently her concerns about her backside breaking wind so much it could be hired by BBC Philharmonic Orchestra as a trombone player.

Now it’s back the turn of her feet. The former glamour model took to social media to end rumours she’d had bunions on her feet removed via surgery, and never broke her ankles at all. Price uploaded some ‘gruesome pictures’ of her ‘plates of meat‘ to prove they were indeed recovering from major surgery.

“For people who said I haven’t broken my feet or people saying I had a bunion operation (even though I’ve never had bunions) still won’t admit they wrongly accused me and speculated again saying I’ve made it all up, will now see I wasn’t lying to the point I’ve had MAJOR SURGERY to my life-changing injuries.”

She later removed the images, for reasons unexplained.

A painful progress

While it is wonderful news that it appears Kate Garraway’s husband Derek Draper is making slow progress in the right direction to recovery, the GMB presenter this week spoke of how he has uttered his first word after 214 days since coming down with Coronavirus.

Unfortunately, the word was ‘pain’.

Five star

The face of Channel 5 Jane McDonald delighted her fans this week with a brand new album. Jane who hosts Jane and Friends as well as documentaries for the fifth network unleashed her latest music offering on Friday (30th Oct).

It seems in these times of trouble it’s just what the weary British public needed. The album includes covers of Madonna’s Ray Of Light, Jennifer Lopez’ Let’s Get Loud and A. R. Rahman’s Jai Ho.

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