Emme Lentino records Last Christmas with original backing singers

Emme Lentino has joined up with George Michael’s backing singers from the 1984 hit to bring a festive sing-along favourite into the 2020 pop charts.

“I want to uplift, empower, show kindness and love and most of all hope to the masses. I am on a mission to bring a movement of hope to the world. Because I believe that no matter what we face, we can survive, thrive and help others. It is in helping others that we find purpose and identity.” – Emme Lentino

She flew to the UK to record with the original background singers and producer Al Clay at the world-famous Metropolis Studios. Emme maintained the song’s melodic beauty and strength while adding her own expressive and commanding vocal.

The singer-songwriter is currently making waves worldwide with a sound that encompasses Pop, Rock with a twist of Country.

The late George Michael brought Last Christmas to music lovers in 1984

She recently topped Australian radio charts with her single “Some Other Girl,” which is also in steady rotation on MTV Australia and climbing the charts in America and the UK.

Following the shock passing of Emme’s beloved husband after a battle with cancer, it was music and family that became her protected sanctuary.

Her focus was devoted to raising her two young children and to singing, which truly surfaced the healing powers of music and her purpose as an artist.

“Last Christmas” by Emme Lentino is released on November 27th. 

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