Film streamer Filmzie on Samsung TV Plus

Free movie streaming and social platform Filmzie has announced it is now available as a channel on Samsung TV Plus in the UK.

Continuing its mission to connect with the nation’s film lovers, Filmzie is a movie streaming and social platform with over 1,000 titles in its catalogue – designed for film fans eager to discover new movies from a broad collection of both iconic and new works.

The launch sees the service run as a linear channel on Samsung TV Plus, meaning it will be seamlessly integrated to its viewers’ connected TVs – with no programmes or additional applications to download.

The experience is driven by Advertising-based Video on Demand, meaning that all of the films in the catalogue are just a click away and the service is advertising-supported, rather than requiring payment of any additional subscription.

For film aficionados and the casual viewer alike, Filmzie boasts a growing list of titles both classic and new, an extensive library also available as an iOS and Android app via the Samsung Galaxy Store and Google Play.

Filmzie is structured around carefully curated themes, to help optimise discoverability and introduce ‘new’ titles to curious audiences. Viewers can interact with one another via built-in social features, including a native movie rating and review system which gives filmmakers direct feedback.

There are so many great films out there from extremely talented filmmakers that just don’t get seen by the general public, so Filmzie tell us they want to change that by providing free movie streaming for true movie lovers. By watching movies on the service, you help independent filmmakers and small studios to grow and connect.

This is where Filmzie is different from other streaming services, as it helps build up, grow the local film communities and maintain direct contact with them.

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