Your Pick of the Plots for Thursday, January 21.

Determined to go through with her plan, Sharon tells Ian she is making a special dinner. Ian seems wary until Sharon tells him they should finally consummate their marriage. Phil arrives at The Vic and assures Sharon that he will be there for her. As Sharon gets ready, it’s clear she is wavering but a look through Denny’s possessions spurs her on.

Meanwhile, Jay takes the opportunity to apologise to Honey for the hurtful things he said to Billy about their kiss and he tells her that it did really mean something.

Elsewhere, Iqra is disgusted by Ash’s betrayal and ends their relationship. Kheerat convinces Ash to stay with the family and with nowhere else to go, Ash is forced to accept. Later, Peter calls round to take Ash out and with Ash out of earshot, Suki teases him.

EastEnders, BBC One, 7.30pm

Cain has tampered with the brakes of Pollard’s car, which is in the garage, to teach Mackenzie a lesson when he tries to steal it. Worried that Tracy is about to give birth, Pollard gets his car from the garage and takes her to hospital.

Cain is gobsmacked when he sees Mackenzie and realises he’s not the one behind the wheel of Pollard’s car. As Pollard is driving, the brakes fail. Pollard braces himself for impact while Tracy screams in terror.

Meanwhile, Dawn berates Harriet for all of the problems she has caused. Harriet runs out in tears.

Elsewhere, Victoria and Luke plan ways to get Amy and Matty together. Priya is conflicted when Al declares his love for her.

Emmerdale, ITV, 7pm and 8pm

Felix has made his mind up to give Toby up to the police today. He has a few things to say to Toby when he turns up at the flat for his counselling session. Toby regrets how he treated Cleo and promises to make it up to her, get through the sessions and save Walter’s life. But as the session begins, Toby thinks the counsellor has brought a copy of The Red Door with her and explodes.

Walter doubles over in pain and is rushed to the hospital. Toby finds Martine upset and lies that the counselling session went fine, so he’ll be able to help with Walter’s kidney transplant. However, Misbah tells a different story. Martine confronts Toby over his lies and he snaps, locking her in the garage. Celeste arrives to find Toby pulling down the shutters and he tells her that he’s going to kill their mum.

Meanwhile, Ste is at the end of his tether at the Nightingales’ and tells Marnie that James gave him a verbal warning. Annoyed that James is undermining her authority, Marnie tricks James into admitting that he’s in charge, allowing Ste to issue James with a formal letter of complaint for harassment in the workplace.

Elsewhere, Maxine is still fuming about her mum and Brad moving to the village. Sami is victorious after landing a major client for the law firm.

Hollyoaks, Channel 4, 6.30pm

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