‘Snaccidents’ increase as Scarlett Moffatt aims to ease the pain

Working from home is causing a rise in ‘snaccidents’, derailing the January diet plans of 90 per cent of Brits, according to research.

“We all know Snaccidents happen from time to time. I know they’ve snuck up on me when I least expect it. So the first thing I’d like people to do is to go easy on themselves.” – Scarlett Moffatt

A poll of a selection of UK adults found 47 per cent are snacking more at home than they did in the office, with boredom the most common trigger. Almost a third (31 per cent) are most tempted when having a cup of tea, while 27 per cent snack due to stress.

And 41 per cent simply reach for a treat because they crave something sweet. But 38 per cent even confessed to having a dedicated snack cupboard at home.

It also emerged nine in 10 adults expect their healthy eating resolutions to have been broken by the last week of January.

The survey was commissioned by Go Ahead, which has teamed up with TV personality Scarlett Moffatt to launch the ‘National Snaccident Hotline’.

The free phone line will be open until the end of February to help those who’ve fallen off the snack wagon.

The study also found the average adult reaches for nibbles four times a day – with crisps and chocolate offering the most temptation. And more than 38 million Brits admitted they have been tempted when it comes to snacks, with 79 per cent saying ‘yes’ when offered an unhealthy snack, despite their urge to decline.

Almost four in 10 (39 per cent) even went as far as to say they simply can’t say ‘no’ to an edible treat.

It also emerged that the most ‘snaccidents’ are likely to happen at 3pm, and 19 per cent are more likely to reach for an unhealthy snack on a weekday than the weekend. Snacking also continues into the night, with six per cent admitting to nibbling after 10pm.

But the study, carried out via OnePoll, also found 44 per cent of adults find healthy eating ‘boring’. And the most unexciting snacks were named as celery (45 per cent), carrot sticks and rice cakes.

A further 42 per cent even admitted to having had a meal as a ‘snack’, including pizza (47 per cent), a sandwich (41 per cent) and cereal (39 per cent).

For a motivational message on how to go easy on yourself from Scarlett Moffatt, contact Go Ahead’s Snaccident Hotline for free on 0808 196 5036 from Monday 25th January until the end of February.

“We understand that everyone needs an afternoon pick me up – more than ever after a year of working or studying from home for many – and struggle to find a treat that hits the balance of tasty and satisfying without being high in calories.

“With Go Ahead Fruity Cake Bites you can have all this at only 97 calories, to avoid having a bigger snaccident” – Abbie Pollington, from Go Ahead UK & Ireland

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