Your Pick of the Plots for Tuesday, March 30.

Lily can’t understand why more isn’t being done to help her mum, however she soon gets an idea of her own when Will mentions Honey’s injury bringing his family together. Later, Stacey is panicked to find her daughter at the bottom of the stairs but is all as it seems?

Meanwhile, as he prepares to take Frankie on another driving lesson, Mick’s phone rings with a call from Tom the Independent Sexual Violence Adviser. Agitated, Mick makes a remark that Frankie doesn’t take well. Mick is quick to apologise to Frankie, but he insists he doesn’t need to speak to Tom.

Back at The Vic, Frankie has an unpleasant encounter with two people who went to the same school as her and who know about Katy. Mick kicks them out but Frankie is hurt when he refers to her as his staff.

Elsewhere, Sharon’s interest is piqued when she hears Peter talking about the lucrative fitness industry.

EastEnders, 7.30pm, BBC One

Worried about Vinny, Liv confides in Aaron and they make it their mission to get Vinny to tell Mandy the truth about Paul. Will they succeed?

Meanwhile, Jimmy gets a phone call and finds out that Juliette has sabotaged another business opportunity, leaving him and Nicola seriously short of funds for their legal battle.

A desperate Nicola decides to take matters into her own hands and accepts a job with Mack.

Emmerdale, ITV, 7pm

It’s a relief when Maxine wakes up after getting caught in the middle of the dodgy business deal. She’s oblivious to what really happened, but it’s panic stations when she wants to go to the police.  Can smooth talking Warren save the day and convince her to keep quiet?

Meanwhile, Trish faces the wrath of Courtney after she finds out how poorly Leah was treated at the launch yesterday, but has she just made things worse for the aspiring dance student?

Elsewhere, Sylver tries his best to ignore the online trolling that Mercedes has been receiving but he can’t ignore a claim that suggests she has been unfaithful. John Paul lies to Sally that he wants to go away to get some space from George.

Hollyoaks, Channel 4, 6.30pm

Al proudly launches the quiz app he has developed. Reluctantly he offers a cash prize in return for their feedback, and is delighted to see his colleagues are hooked as they start to play.

Karen, increasingly wound up by Al’s obscure choice of quiz rounds, becomes determined to win.  And she is not happy when Jimmi reveals Al has installed software that detects using search engines to help with the answers.

Meanwhile, Miranda rings Bear and is pleased he has already organised the first shared consultation, but less thrilled when she learns that Al is leading it.

Doctors, BBC One, 1.45pm

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