Your Pick of the Plots for Tuesday, April 13.

Whitney is desperate to find Kush, terrified he has run away before his court appearance. Martin can’t help but reassures Whitney that he has never seen Kush so happy. Later, Whitney returns home and is relieved to find Kush there.

Meanwhile, the Carters make a fuss of Frankie on her birthday. Mick gives her the envelope he found from Kathy but Frankie is affronted by the cheque inside – she won’t be bribed.

Later, at Frankie’s birthday party at The Vic, Sharon introduces a flirtatious Zack as her half-brother. Mick noticing how easy that was, decides to be honest about Frankie but just as he is everyone is surprised to see who has just walked through the doors of The Vic – it’s Nancy.

Elsewhere, a mistake on social media puts the spotlight on Keegan.

EastEnders, BBC One, 7.30pm

A nervous Peter reveals he’s got an appointment at the transplant centre to assess if he’s a suitable candidate for a liver transplant. Daniel rallies the family for a zoom meeting to discuss Peter’s situation. Tracy shares Daniel’s suspicions about Carla with Steve.

Later, Peter, Daniel and Carla attend a meeting with the transplant coordinator whilst Steve, Tracy and Adam join via zoom. However, the meeting descends into chaos when Tracy makes a dig about Carla’s infidelity.

Meanwhile, Cathy gets a call from Dev telling her that it would be best if she stayed away from the kebab shop for a while. She’s further upset when she finds a parcel on the Kabin doorstep containing a funeral wreath of which Tracy denies all knowledge.

Elsewhere, Ed’s hurt that Michael went behind his back and did a DNA test. Gail’s upset to learn that Nick’s done a flit with Leanne and Simon without even saying goodbye.

Coronation Street ITV, 8pm

Seething Kim turns on Gabby and attempts to kick her out. Swigging brandy, a regretful Kim tries to tell Gabby that she doesn’t actually need to leave, but stung Gabby heads out without a word. As the door slams, Kim loses her balance and collapses to the floor, terrified as she loses consciousness.

The next day, Lydia is alarmed to find Kim out of it. Kim stirs but refuses to see a doctor and later looks at something on her laptop, fearing she could be seriously ill. When Gabby arrives, she sees the laptop and reads what it says aloud. Kim shakily opens up to Lydia and Gabby.

Meanwhile, Faith gives Lydia £1,000, claiming to have sold the hearse, but what is she up to?

Elsewhere, Ethan opens up to Victoria. Matty tells Moira that he has a consultation to get on the waiting list for lower surgery. Bear overhears an intriguing conversation.

Emmerdale, ITV, 7pm

The walls are closing in on Sienna after she poisoned Summer yesterday. Liberty decides it’s time to move out and Sienna is in for a shock when she tries to tell Brody the truth.

Meanwhile, after Sami has a change of heart about Verity, he asks for Diane’s help to find her. As he’s calling for a taxi to the airport, Sami finds Verity in the village after she forgot her passport. Can he convince her to stay? Diane fears everything is contaminated after Sami’s visit.

Elsewhere, Martine prepares to tell Felix how she feels, but his girlfriend Grace interrupts her before she gets a chance. Imran is threatened by the influence that Ripley is having on Brooke.

Hollyoaks, Channel 4, 6.30pm

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