Lily’s Kitchen takes steps to resolve the UK’s dog poo crisis

According to new research by Lily’s Kitchen, a whopping 64 per cent of the 2,000 respondents declared that dog waste has become an increasing issue in their area.

Furthermore, a third (31 per cent) of dog owners that took part in the survey confessed to NOT cleaning up after their pups – declaring that they think poo bags “are wasteful” because they cannot be recycled.

To help get to grips with the issue Lily’s Kitchen is launching ‘Poop Troop’ a community initiative that promotes responsible pet parenting by facilitating a way for dog owners to pick up their pooch’s poo in the most sustainable way possible.

The popular pet brand has placed pop-up poo bag dispensers – containing their new Planet Friendly poo bags – in dog walking hot-spots to prevent the problem getting worse.

It’s estimated that 5.5 BILLION poo bags are used each year, with many pet parents not opting for products that tread carefully on the planet. The good news is that two thirds (66%) of the nation would prefer to use an eco-friendly solution  if cost, availability, and other factors were not an issue.

By offering our Planet Friendly Poo Bags to communities through our ‘Poop Troop’ dispensers, we are hoping to tackle the huge problem of poo being left on Britain’s pavements – waiting for people to step in.

“We hope to show, not just tell, dog owners that there is a sustainable way to dispose of your pup’s poop.” – Samantha Crossley, Marketing Director at Lily’s Kitchen

Lily’s Kitchen’s compostable Planet Friendly Poo Bags are available nationwide from, £6 will get you 60.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Lily’s Kitchen’s research found that abandoned dog turd is most prevalent in the capital, with almost three quarters of residents (73 per cent) citing a problem. Wales (70 per cent), Scotland (68 per cent), Yorkshire (65 per cent) and the South East (55 per cent) also face poo problems.

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