Your Pick of the Plots for Thursday, May 6.

Mick meets with his ISVA, Tom, who gives him an update on the court case. At home he’s still struggling to digest the news of Linda’s pregnancy. Neither of them know how to move forward.

Meanwhile, knowing that Bailey was worried about money, Karen blames her former boss for her going missing. As she takes part in a TV appeal, Karen struggles to keep her emotions in check. Later, Karen boils over when she receives a hamper from the neighbours – considering it inadequate support.

Elsewhere, Phil tries to mediate between Ben and Callum, unaware of why they fell out. Dotty is grouchy about Sonia spending her grandma’s cash.

EastEnders, 7.35pm, BBC One

Lydia is overjoyed with how well the interview went, but is shocked when a police officer enters the café and arrests her on suspicion of running a scam pension scheme.

Meanwhile, Bear is furious to see Faith flirting with Pollard again, but how will he get his revenge?

Elsewhere, Ethan continues to confide in Manpreet about his mum, but when Charles arrives, he abruptly exits. Will Manpreet explain to Charles what his son is up to?

Emmerdale, ITV, 7pm 

Warren offers strapped-for-cash Shaq a job; he sets his eager new employee up with a task and gets him to sign an employment contract. However, they trick Shaq into thinking he has lost a valuable piece of jewellery.

Meanwhile, Summer is shocked to hear that Sienna is letting Warren see the kids again and urges her not to let him back into her life. Later, Summer takes drastic measures to stop Warren seeing his kids.

Elsewhere, Sue makes it clear that she thinks Mandy is a more suitable match for her son than Cindy. Fergus tells Maxine that he’s serious about Trish.

Hollyoaks, Channel 4, 6.30pm

Valerie approaches a house, hoping to find Jean Sallery. Instead Nathan Sallery – the baby she has been searching for, now a middle-aged man – opens the door. Too stunned to explain why she’s there, Nathan closes the door assuming she’s a cold caller.

Valerie calls through the letterbox that she has information about his real mother. The door opens and Valerie realises that she may have put her foot in it – he did know he was adopted, didn’t he?

Nathan examines a few things and listens in disbelief before revealing that his mother told him he was adopted when he was twelve. Shocked and emotional, he then breaks out of his reverie and accusing her of being a vulture, kicks her out of the house. Valerie is devastated.

Doctors, BBC One, 1.45pm

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