Aled’s world falls apart this week in Pobol y Cwm

This week in S4C’s serials.

Aled’s world falls apart as he learns the truth about Dylan’s part in his birth mother’s death. As Aled comes to terms with the revelation, tensions rise in Bryntirion as Kelly and Jason struggle to adjust to their new life.

Aled is determined to keep Dani safe from Dylan as he tells her all of his father’s secrets, but she’s reluctant to listen. As Aled despairs, Tyler and Iolo plan a way to tell Siôn about their relationship.

Dani has a life-changing decision to make as she’s offered a chance for a fresh start and a better future far from Cwmderi. As Dani contemplates, Siôn’s feelings towards Tesni alarm him. Dani puts herself and her unborn child in a perilous situation in order to get the best future for her family, but her actions may have long-term consequences. Meanwhile, Andrea trusts Mark enough to confide her secret in him.

Pobol y Cwm, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 8 pm S4C. English and Welsh subtitles. Omnibus on Sundays.

Caitlin is still struggling to settle in her new home and Sian tries her best to help her. One of them decides to take a risk in order to improve the situation, which leads to an unexpected result. As Mathew continues to rely on drugs to help him cope with his duties at school, an unexpected surprise forces him to come up with more lies.

Arthur is still squatting in the motorhome outside Rhys’s garage, but will he and Barry be able to co-operate successfully in order to trick the property developers?

It’s Kay’s (special) birthday and she has made strict instructions – no surprises!

Rownd a Rownd, Every Tuesday and Thursday 8.25 pm S4C. English and Welsh subtitles. Omnibus on Sundays.

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