Dr Amir talks Covid concerns for young adults

Today on Lorraine Dr Amir spoke about how COVID-19 infections in people aged between 20 and 29 are at the highest rate seen in any age group in England since the pandemic began.

Following the new data and on the news that over a third of young adults have still not had a first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, Dr Amir said, “We should be encouraging people to get doubly vaccinated. One in three people aged 18-29 haven’t had their first dose yet and this is where we know the largest number of cases is… and it’s really important that you go forward [to get the vaccine].

“If you’re a young person watching this or if you’re a parent of a young person aged 18-29 then yes, they may not be as at risk of severe illness but those who do end up in hospital have just as much chance of getting severe organ damage as those aged 50 upwards… and I know there’s a lot of miss information online, and I can’t say this enough – the covid vaccines do not affect your fertility. So if that’s the reason you’re not going for it, forget about it, it’s not true, it’s just rubbish. Go for your vaccine!”

And on schooling and changes needed from September, Dr Amir said, “Children’s education has been severely disrupted… we need a new plan come September. What we actually need is the government to come forward over this summer period and give really clear instructions to schools as to what is going to happen from September.

“How they are going to reduce the spread of Covid but also reduce the absentees… and that would include lateral flow testing daily, improve ventilation in schools, carbon dioxide monitoring to check for air filtrations… we need them to take leadership and tell schools how to progress from September onwards.”

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