This week in Pobol y Cwm Kelly’s shocked and in Rownd a Rownd Iris is in a bad mood

The latest from Cwmderi and Glanrafon. 

Kelly’s shocked to learn that Anita’s lied to her about Mickey. Meanwhile, the villagers are intrigued when DI Wilkinson becomes Cwmderi’s new resident. Despite his joy to see Vicky, Mark wonders if there’s an ulterior motive for her unexpected visit. As Mark looks for an explanation, Kelly’s plan to reunite Anita and Mickey goes horribly wrong.

 Anita’s determined to stop Cassie from telling the police the truth about Mickey’s past. As Anita despairs, Ffion’s ready to reignite her love life as she sees potential in DI Wilkinson.

Garry realises that he’s lost everything he held dear as his life and businesses crumble around him. While Garry drowns his sorrows, Colin isn’t happy to learn of Britt’s plan to organise a memorial event for Izzy.

Pobol y Cwm, S4C, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 8 pm
English and Welsh subtitles, Omnibus on Sunday with on-screen English subtitles

Mathew arrives home from the clinic today, where he has had time to reflect and with the desire to make a few changes – which surprises both Vince and Iolo.

Ken notices Kylie’s cold attitude towards her mum and asks her what the problem is. Can Kylie continue to keep her suspicions from her dad? Ken is determined that he is well enough to return to work at the office, but it’s more than likely that he will be more of a hindrance than a help!

Iris is in a bad mood and Arthur can’t understand why. Since his return home, Mathew’s behaviour makes Philip question what is wrong and Sophie tells Mel a huge secret.

Rownd a Rownd, S4C, Tuesday and Thursday 8.25 pm, English and Welsh subtitles

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