Strange pregnancy cravings explained…

Nina Julian, fertility and pregnancy expert at CFAH, has looked into celebrity cravings to reveal the meaning behind both common and unusual cravings.

Craving: Sweet treats as experienced by Kylie Jenner.

Meaning: ‘I spotted Kylie posting this snap to her Instagram story showing her craving for ice cream with sweets. Craving sweet treats during pregnancy can sometimes be due to a drop in blood sugar, so eating small, frequent meals may help you avoid eating too much sugar. Sometimes though, like Kylie, it’s good to treat yourself!

Although it hasn’t been confirmed, we suspect Kylie may be pregnant with a girl due to her sweet treats cravings;It has been reported that during Kylie’s first pregnancy Kylie craved sugary waffles!’

Craving: Vegetable curry/ takeaways as enjoyed by Kate Middleton.

Meaning: ‘Kate craved takeaways including a homemade vegetable curry. Women crave curry while pregnant as they are usually associated with comfort food and is a delicious filling meal. These cravings may be attributed to factors like hormonal changes, nutrient deficiencies and compounds in spicy foods.’

Craving: Pasta and Fruit as noted by Meghan Markle

Meaning: ‘Meghan has reportedly craved pasta during both her pregnancies but tried her best to avoid gluten. It is thought that if too much gluten is ingested, it can lead to a low birth weight baby. Meghan also made sure she ate fruit and continued to buy organic veg and kept a strong fitness routine whilst pregnant. Craving fruit may indicate your body levels are low in vitamin C, so if you’re pregnant, be sure to stock up on oranges!’

Craving: Bagels as experienced by Gigi Hadid

Meaning: ‘During Gigi’s pregnancy she made it very apparent for her craving for bagels, even throwing a bagel themed birthday party. Craving bagels during pregnancy is highly common, especially with a cream cheese filling; this is due to needing glucose which eating carbs will give you. Consuming pasta, toast, crackers, or bagels could help you to satisfy this craving and ease some of that nausea and fatigue.’

Cravings: Spicy food as happened with Katy Perry

Meaning: ‘Many women crave spicy foods during pregnancy and Katy went as far as carrying Tabasco sauce everywhere. These cravings may be attributed to factors like hormonal changes, nutrient deficiencies, and compounds in spicy foods.’

Cravings: Red meat as noted by Nicki Minaj

Meaning: ‘Over on Twitter Nikki tweeted her cravings for steak, shrimp and cheeseburgers whilst pregnant with first child. A lot of women have cravings for red meat while they’re pregnant. It’s usually because they need protein and iron and red meat has high levels of both. Often, this desire for fresh ingredients appears when your body needs more Vitamin C, calcium, iron or magnesium.’

Cravings: Bagels and cheese and pickle sandwiches as drooled over by Kourtney Kardashian

Meaning: ‘Similarly to Gigi, Kourtney had strong cravings for bagels. Due to feeling nauseous, Kourtney claimed a bagel was her saviour. Kourtney also said she craved cheese and pickle sandwiches. One of the most famous pregnancy cravings is for pickles. It’s very normal to crave pickles during pregnancies.’

Cravings: Cheese and sweet treats as experienced by Kim Kardashian

Meaning: ‘Kim reportedly craved cheese on everything as well as sweet treats including cheesecake; Kim even admitted to flying to Paris just to satisfy her cheesecake cravings. These are both highly common cravings, when the baby is growing inside you during pregnancy it is important to consume calcium to stay healthy.’

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