This week in Casualty and Holby City

This week in the BBC medical sagas…

This week at the A&E department you can piece together the incident. Take a forest, a poacher and a crossbow. Result is a classic Casualty accident waiting to happen.

Elsewhere Matthew is stuck in traffic when an injured teenage girl falls onto his car leaving a bloody handprint. This moment brings back some traumatic memories of his time in Africa Also tonight, with the continued air of racism in certain parts of Holby City, Rash is invigorated and inspired to do more with the local community following an encounter with the sister of an old school friend.

BBC One, Saturday 2nd October, 9.30 pm

After the devastating news about Mia’s abuse, Donna struggles to connect with her adopted daughter.

Things go from bad to worse when Donna allows her personal life to affect her work and neglects Lucky. Jac fails to impress in her quest to win Holby a place on a cutting-edge therapy study, so Josh steps in to help. Sparks fly on AAU when Kylie discovers that Louis and Mel are still together.

BBC One, Tuesday 5th October, 7.50 pm. Viewers of BBC One Scotland can catch it at 8. 20 pm

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