Lorraine Kelly discusses her miscarriage

The TV-am and GMTV personality opened up about her experience on ITV earlier.

Myleene Klass joined Lorraine Kelly live in the studio today ahead of her new TV documentary tomorrow night Myleen Klass: Miscarriage & Me – in which she opens up about her own trauma of suffering four miscarriages. During the interview, Lorraine also opened up about her miscarriage 20 years ago.

“Don’t you think, you sort of examine yourself and you say, ‘Is there anything that I could have done? Why did this happen to me?’ I remember at the time, gosh it was over 20 years ago now when it happened to me, I think that people were trying to reassure me and they were saying, ‘Oh, this is very common and this happens to one in three women’. And actually, it made me feel worse.”

“This shouldn’t be happening to so many women and people don’t talk about it enough.” – Lorraine, speaking on Lorraine, ITV

Lorraine has been a face on ITV mornings since 1984, starting on Good Morning Britain from TV-am before moving to GMTV and finally her own series’ including Top of the Morning, Nine O’Clock Live, Lorraine Live, LK Today and Lorraine. The popular Scottish personality has been married to television cameraman Steve Smith since 1992, with their one daughter, Rosie, born in 1994. Lorraine’s miscarriage happened in 2001.

“It’s still there, because you still think that baby would’ve been 21… You’re sort of mourning for something that didn’t happen and that’s very sad to do…”..It’s that ripple effect, the families. Siblings, would be grandparents, it’s hard. And we have to talk about it and there has to be more research into what’s going on.

“Back when it happened to me it was people sending cards and I found that a real comfort.” – Lorraine Kelly

Lorraine, weekdays on ITV from 9 am

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