Anthea Turner ‘I’ve had the boobies done’

Presenter Anthea Turner joined Lorraine Kelly on Tuesday to talk candidly about ageing – and what we can do to stay healthy as we age.

“Sixty is not the new 50. If we are truthful with ourselves, the national average is 81 [years of age]. We’ve got 20 years and I want to make the best of that. We are in the danger zone. Things happen, of course they do, but what I don’t want to do is be a saboteur. I don’t want to sabotage my health and my life in that time by my own hand.”

“I’ve been drinking too much, I’ve been eating too much, I’ve not been exercising the way that I should be and I need a kick up the bum,” said Lorraine, adding, “You’re the very woman that will do that.” – Anthea speaking on ITV’s Lorraine

Anthea, 61, best-known for her television roles on BBC One’s Blue Peter and defunct ITV morning show GMTV, also discussed cosmetic surgery.

“I’ve had a bit of help. I’ve had the boobies done and I swear by Botox. I can still frown. I haven’t looked really angry since I was 40 and my goodness me you know I’ve been angry. I can still laugh!”

Lorraine Kelly asked about her fiance Mark Armstrong, with Anthea admitting, “What is it they say in Little Women? Love is a great beautifier. I am glowing.”

“You kissed a few frogs,” said Lorraine, to which Anthea replied, “I did more than kiss them. I married one! Actually, I do have a great relationship with my ex-husband, in fact, both of my ex-husbands as well. Jane Moore once said to me, “Never walk around with bitter and twisted tattooed across your forehead.” 

Lorraine, weekdays from 9 am on ITV.
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