Strippers In The Attic podcast returns for second series

Your friendly neighbourhood strippers are back. 100% uncensored.

Have you ever wondered what wisdom you can glean from a duo with a combined 31 years spent dancing in a strip club?

Buffy and Heaven return with Strippers In The Attic. The duo who launched their instant cult hit podcast debut last year during lockdown, are this time delivering a tongue in cheek, but ultimately brutally honest exploration of what stripping taught them about themselves, and what pearls of wisdom they can pass on to the world.

The show is set to feature guest interviews for the first time – in Episode 1 Buffy and Heaven get personal with Megan Prescott of Skins fame. Megan 29, who along with her twin sister Kathryn, rose to fame playing twins Katie and Emily Fitch, is best known recently for her bodybuilding work, but has also worked in strip clubs and on Onlyfans and is a passionate supporter of the rights of sex workers. In this episode she tells hugely entertaining stories about her time in the world of erotic dance. Out on 9th December

Guest spots are interspersed with episodes focused on self-help with a very unorthodox edge, as our hosts make the most of their wit and wisdom to share tips and tricks with non-strippers (‘civvies’) that they can apply to their own lives.

The first of which – offering guidance and enlightenment as only Buffy and Heaven know how – is Episode 2Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Stripper- How to use Stripper tactics in the world of online dating” and is out on 16th December. 

Later episodes include topics such as, body positivity and how stripper thinking can help you nail that raise, promotion or deal.

As Buffy says ‘what you do onstage is 10% of the job – the top earning strippers are never the hot youngsters. They’re the women who’ve learned to talk a client into giving them what they want.’ 

And it wouldn’t be Christmas without our newly traditional Have Yourself a Stripper Little Christmas bonus mini-episode – out on 23rd December, this year Buffy and Heaven discuss the most impressive, most dismal, and most confusing gifts they and their colleagues have received from fans.

Season 2 of Strippers in the Attic is out on 9th of December. And you can catch up with season one right now at

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