The £-Factor: The most valuable reality TV houses

 Research has revealed the most valuable homes that have been used to house stars of popular reality TV shows.

Using valuations from expert estate agents, property portal Boomin analysed the homes that have been used as primary locations in reality TV shows that date back to the year 2000’s Castaway, all the way to modern series such as Love Island, The Circle and Temptation Island.

Jon Byers, Managing Director and Founder at estate agents Anderson Rose:

“Gaining an accurate valuation is so important when listing a property and as we go into 2022, there’s even more factors than need to be taken into consideration when valuing. For this study, the notoriety of each home had to be taken into account, because as soon as something is featured in a popular TV show or has a celebrity connection, there’s immediately going to be more interest in owning it”.

Both valued at an eye-watering $50 million (approx. £37,225,000) the plush villas used in The Bachelor and the 2019 reboot of Temptation Island topped the rankings as the most valuable reality TV homes of all time. Located in Maui, Hawaii, Temptation Island’s villa boasts more than 11,000 square feet of space, eight bedrooms, nine bathrooms and a large swimming pool overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Meanwhile, The Bachelor’s ‘Villa De La Vina’ in Malibu, California offers a ‘Taste of Tuscany’ with enough room to host 300 person events and an enviable infinity pool. The UK version of The Apprentice proved the value of London property, with three series ranking in the top five. The Notting Hill home featured in the 2017 and ’18 series standing above any other, with contestants living in a Victorian home worth upwards of £15 million.

At the other end of the scale, the wooden shelter pods used in 2000’s Castaway which aired on the BBC depict a much more humble version of reality TV, valued at £75,000 each.

The 15 Most Valuable Reality TV Homes

Rank TV Show Location Value (£)
1. The Bachelor Santa Monica Mountains, Malibu £37,225,000
1. Temptation Island (reboot 2019-) Maui, Hawaii £37,225,000
2. The Apprentice UK (2017 & ’18) Notting Hill, London £15,510,000
3. The Real World: Miami Rivo Alto Drive, Miami £13,400,000
4. The Apprentice UK (2019) Hampstead Heath, London £13,200,000
5. The Apprentice UK (2016) Daleham Gardens, London £13,100,000
6. The Real World: Hawaii Diamond Head Road, Hawaii £8,950,000
7. The Apprentice UK (2015) Holborn, London £8,010,000
8. The X-Factor Contestant House (2018) Ealing, London £8,000,000
9. The Real World: New York Broadway, New York £5,200,000
10. The X-Factor Contestant House (2017) Winchmore Hill, London £4,750,000
11. Love Island UK (Main Villa) Majorca, Spain £4,250,000
12. The Real World: London Notting Hill, London £4,000,000
12. The Real World: Paris Le Vesinet, Paris £4,000,000
13. Love Island Australia (Season 1) Pollenca, Mallorca £3,750,000
14. The Only Way Is Essex (Joey Essex’s Home) Chigwell, Essex £3,000,000
15. Love Island UK (Casa Amor) Majorca, Spain £2,750,000

The valuations, which were compiled by Boomin partner agents Anderson Rose and Chancellors, also took into account the fame of each property gained through being featured within each show, and the value this would add when being placed on the market.

Michael Bruce, CEO and Founder of Boomin:

“Reality TV is something that captivates audiences around the world, however it isn’t just the drama between contestants that gains our interest. The homes these shows are set in are often the properties we all dream of living in, so we were intrigued to find out which holds the most value.

“It’s hard to compete with a sea view villa in Hawaii, however it is interesting to see the value of London property shine through, with the capital being used as a location for The Apprentice all the way to Channel 4’s The Circle”.

To help homeowners to gain much quicker valuations of their own homes, Boomin has launched SmartVal, an online valuation tool that provides a valuation from real estate agents in as little as 15 minutes.

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