The most popular ‘lucky’ plants…

Orchids Named Most Instagrammable ‘Lucky’ Houseplant 2022!

With many around the world believing certain plants have the power to bring luck, love and prosperity to your life, why wouldn’t you have a few potted away in your home? With that in mind, the creative community hub at sought to find out what the most popular ‘lucky’ plants are on Instagram.

The Top Three Most Popular

  1. Orchids4,683,253#

The most popular plant to bring good fortune on Instagram is the orchid with 4,683,253 hashtags. Whilst common, potted orchids can offer more to your life than looking pretty in your living room. In fact, according to Feng Shui, the orchid can bring you fortune in love! Whether you are looking to find a significant other, or want to nurture your current relationship, getting your hands on this plant might help!

  1. Snake Plant396,886#

In second place is the snake plant with 396,886 hashtags. If you feel like the vibes are off, the snake plant is said to be great at exuding a strong protective energy whilst absorbing any poisonous gasses from the air and protecting the household from negative Chi.

  1. Rubber Plant (Ficus Elastica) – 137,212#

In third place is the low maintenance rubber plant with 137,212 hashtags on Instagram. The plant’s round glossy leaves are symbolic of money and prosperity and simultaneously remove negative energy from the room.

The Top Ten Plants for Luck, Love and Prosperity

Rank Plant Type Number of Hashtags # Type of Fortune
1. Orchids 4,683,253 Love, good Luck
2. Snake Plant 396,886 Good luck, energy cleansing
3. Rubber Plant (Ficus Elastica) 137,212 Financial luck, prosperity
4. Jade Plant 129,938 Prosperity, success
5. Golden Pothos (Epipremnum Aureum) 112,629 Energy cleansing
6. Lucky Bamboo (Dracaena Sanderiana) 85,159 Good luck, fortune, power
7. Pachira Money Tree 40,422 Financial luck, good luck
8. Boston Fern (Nephrolepis Exaltata) 40,416 Energy cleansing
9. Citrus Trees 25,777 Good luck, fortune
10. Peace Lilies (Spathiphyllum) 3,583 Energy cleansing



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